It's been an embarassingly long time since my last post.  Nearly a year!  I started the site as my mat leave was ending, and the return to full-time work outside the home really did me in.  Not only was I dealing with the emotional stress of leaving JR in the hands of a virtual stranger while I sat in an office all day, but I was also facing an hour+ commute by transit each way to get to work, which meant that every extra moment in my day was dedicated to my son and husband and weekends were split between finding something fun to do as a family and dealing with all the un-fun things that got neglected during the week (cleaning house, paying bills and the never-ending laundry - where does it all come from?!).

Then, a few months later I decided my life wasn't hectic enough and I really needed to add another layer of my life by getting pregnant. :)   Five weeks ago, our second son, C, was born and I find myself once again itching to do something creative and social.   Writing this blog helps me connect to the outside world.  Hopefully it helps you connect to your inner travel bug -- so let's get going!   

I look forward to telling you about our travel plans and hearing about yours!  Thanks for reading...

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