Or, in one diaper bag, to be more exact.  Tomorrow will be Spawn #2's first flight and just to keep things exciting, I decided to take baby and toddler together. By myself.

I also timed it to coincide with the point in time that JR:
(a) doesn't like to wear a seatbelt
(b) doesn't listen to anything mommy says
(c) doesn't like being apart from daddy

So, this should be a tonne of fun.

To try and minimize the severity of the nuclear meltdown that is sure to occur tomorrow morning, I'm filling my diaper bag with all of JR's favourite things: homemade granola bars and brownies, dinosaurs, and my secret weapon: the Octonauts.  I can't even describe to you how excited he gets when Octonauts comes on each day.  He screams each character's name as they appear on the screen with such fervor that spit flies everywhere and I'm sure his eyes are going to pop out of his head!

Because you can't get Octonauts toys in Canada, I scoured the internet and ordered some off EBay - they arrived in the nick of time, thank god!

So as I sit here wrapping them all up (every extra second that he's occupied counts!), I wonder if I was crazy to even consider this or if, once again, I'm underestimating my amazing toddler and everything will be fine.  I'll let you know next week...until then, wish me luck!

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