Sadly, finances and schedules prevent us from being in a perpetual state of planning our next big adventure.  So, when I was half-way through my last pregnancy, we agreed to not plan any trips until Spawn 2.0 arrived and we had a chance to settle into our newly expanded family life. 

Luckily, I had another project to occupy me: a "big boy room" for JR.  Since he was being shunted from the bigger room and was losing the undivided attention of his parents for pretty much the rest of his life, I was determined to make it really special.  You know, bribe him.

After some deliberation, I decided on a travel/vintage airplane themed bedroom.  Planning his room turned out to be almost as fun as planning a vacation! I got a lot of inspiration (read: full-on stole ideas because I loved it so much and am totally not creative enough to think of this stuff on my own) from this great blog.

I'm super happy with the results!  And so is JR.  He especially loves the balsa wood models Daddy made for him and loves blowing on the propeller to "make it go".

Have you done a travel-themed room for your kids?