So, I put my son to bed 20 minutes ago, but the TV is still tuned to Treehouse that weird?  Am I the only one who finds kids' shows mildly entertaining and, frankly, better than almost everything else on the air?  It serves as great background noise while I go over our packing list.  As our trip to Southeast Asia nears, I go through moments of sheer terror at the prospect of having our highly active 15 month old on our laps for 15 hours to moments of pure excitement!  My husband and I did a fair amount of travel BB (before baby), including a 7-week trip through Southeast Asia.  It was the trip of a lifetime and being able to share a small part of that adventure with our son is so exciting!
Thanks for stopping by!  Have you ever noticed that the busier you are, the busier you get?  As if my year-long maternity leave wasn't busy enough learning how to be a parent, I've now gone back to work at a new job with a steep learning curve, I'm also developing this website, creating some innovative mama products and planning our first overseas trip with our little guy! Oh yeah, and let's not forget being a mother, wife, cook and housekeeper too!  What was I thinking??
Over the next little while you'll see some exciting developments on the site as content continues to be added, so please stop by frequently!  And if you're a seasoned family traveller yourself (or even just an armchair adventurer), please feel free to submit your best tips, gear reviews or even funny anecdotes from your adventures.  I'd love to hear from you!